3 Geographic Information for Business Intelligence Structured

Together with the absolute best mapping capcapacities, you need to guarantee that the info is actually really organized like graph info. Allows you in the direction of click in addition to remove on the graph in the direction of sight a lot a great deal additional information.

Because of that, do not enter into the finish handle in the location. Divide addresses, metropolitan locations, problems, in addition to zip codes straight into various columns. This helps ensure accuracy, especially together with Bing mix.

In the info kind, select the column consisting of the graph info. Afterwards click on the Circumstances tab in addition to probably towards the Info location. Originating from definitely certainly there certainly definitely select your column type. Replay for every one of columns using mapping info.

Preliminary graph

This is actually really the absolute best mapping gadget provided in your Power BI document. Ideal for accurate info assessment. For example, you might sight an ad together with a postal code. After that you can easily quickly create a graph that fits the postal code in addition to the range of ads.

Filled Graph

Surface the graph together with tones in addition to darkness in the direction of define places. Useful if you want towards talk about excess of location and even comparison locations together with different various other categories. You can easily quickly alter the tones in addition to shades for your info. Generally used on the other hand in the direction of country-specific matchings, e.g. The matured

Type Graph

Design graphes are actually really another consist of of Power BI. Furthermore, you can easily quickly type the polygons towards end up being included in the graph info. This type of graph is actually really also used for non-mapping info..